Typeknitting is a methodical plugin for typographic knitting. It explores different techniques, from classic, loop-based intarsia knitting, slip-stich, shadow knitting, double-face, to modular patchwork knitting.

Typeknitting turns to a broad audience interested in the crafts of type and knitting. This includes beginners and advanced knitters who want to experiment with type, as well as typographers who want to explore knitting. 

The Typeknitting matrix gives an overview of all previously explored techniques. More are in progress and will be explored in upcoming workshops and collaborations. 


The Typeknitting book shows all previous prototypic approaches to typographic knitting. Its central methodology lies on basic techniques and the construction of single letters prototypes.

Additional projects like pullovers, scarf, mittens or hat show specific use cases. This includes modified patterns by Helloyarn, Butzeria and Woollythoughts, as well as new patterns.

As graphic ressources, the book contains 32 knittable typefaces from type foundries like Bold Monday, Emigre, Lineto, Nouvelle Noire and Typotheque.

»Typographic Knitting.
From Pixel to Pattern«
Rüdiger Schlömer

Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 978-1-61689-854-0
(Oktober 2019)

»Pixel, Patch und Pattern.
Rüdiger Schlömer

Verlag Hermann Schmidt
ISBN: 978-3-87439-905-0


Typeknitting patterns are developed in collaboration with various knitting and type designers. All previous patterns are contained in the book, more will follow on Ravelry. Here you find additional patterns.

Double-Face Hat
(Blank pattern)

Knitting pattern: Meret Bützberger, www.butzeria.ch
Typographic design: Rüdiger Schlömer, www.typeknitting.net
© 2019 Meret Bützberger & Rüdiger Schlömer


Typeknitting workshops explore an intuitive combination of analog and digital tools and techniques. This includes basic knitting techniques (slip-stich, patchwork, shadow knitting), on- and offline prototyping, pattern and typeface modifation. If possible, local knitters are involved as technical mentors, to start an ongoing dialogue.


Workshops & Talks:

Book Presentation & Workshop
De Amsterdamse Steek
November 2019

S/W Design Studio, Zürich
October 2019

Typeknitting Basics Workshop
Haupt Atelier 14B, Bern
7. September 2019
9.30–16.00 h

Book Presentation
Criterion Festival 2019
Speakers Corner
29. March 2019

Student Workshop
BURG Giebichenstein
Klasse Schrift und Typografie
Prof. Andrea Tinnes
2.–4. Mai 2018